December 2022 Bank Holidays: Bank branches will remain closed for 14 days

December 2022 Bank Holidays: Bank branches will remain closed for 14 days

Bank holidays December 2022: The calendar year is going to end this month. According to the Reserve Bank of India’s (RBI) holiday list for December 2022, banking services will remain closed for a few days. However, online banking operations will continue. In such a situation, now when you want to go to your bank branch for important work related to the bank, then you should keep an eye on the holidays in the month of December.

Some offs are issued by RBI only, which are done in the whole country, but some are also done according to the states. For example, some festival is being celebrated in UP, but it is not being celebrated in Gujarat, so banks may remain closed in UP, but banks will remain open in Gujarat. For example bank branches may be closed for Pa-Togan Nengminja Sangma in Shillong but there is no closure for it in Goa, Bihar or other states.

Before visiting your bank branch in the month of December, you must note down the list of important days during which banks will remain closed.

 RBI issued 8 holidays

According to the holiday calendar list of Reserve Bank of India (RBI), RBI issued 8 holidays in December, but total 14 days banks will remain closed. Rest of the days except eight are weekends. However, you should note that not all states or territories will be closed for a total of 14 days. This is the total number of days when banks in different parts of the country will remain closed as per the holidays observed by the state.

 see list

 Feast of St. Francis Xavier: 3 December

 Pa-Togan Nengminja Sangma: 12 December

 Goa Liberation Day: 19 December

 Christmas Festival: 24 December

 Christmas Celebration / Losung / Namsung:       26 December

 Birthday of Guru Gobind Singh Ji: 29 December

 Yu Kiang Nangba: 30 December

 New Year’s Eve: December 31


 Second Saturday: December 10

 Sunday: December 4

 Sunday: December 11

 Sunday: 18 December

 Fourth Saturday: 24 December

 Sunday: 25 December

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