TNEB Pension Details – Apply Statement, Health Fund, and Hospitals

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TNEB Pension

The TNEB Pension Details Scheme Info – Apply Statement, Health fund, and TNEB free medical aid for pensioners and dependents, Hospitals at

TNEB Pension

The Tamil Nadu Electricity Boards TNEB is the largest power generation and distribution Company. The board is owned and runs under the Government of Tamil Nadu as a regulated monopoly. Under the electricity Act of 2003. The TNEB has two subsidiary power Companies Tamil Nadu Transmission Corporation Ltd TANTRANSCO. The other being Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution Corporation Ltd TANGEDCO.

Companies distribute power to millions of Tamil Nadu citizens each day. Due to the extensive service base, the Company employs thousands of employees. To handle the activities for the Company and consumers. Every employee is entitled to a salary and other allowances from the Company. TNEB provides its workers with a pension scheme. Where they will benefit after retirement, from the scheme, they can access medical treatment.

The beneficiary and his family will receive the money to help cater for retirement days. The nominee can receive the amount on behalf of the beneficiary. In case they die or have a severe issue such as illness preventing them from accessing the pension.

TNEB Pensioner’s Family Security Fund Scheme

The scheme was introduced to assist the family of the pensioner in case they die. The beneficiary requires to pay Rs 40/- per month till his/her time of death. The amount is deducted from the monthly pension scheme. The amount is granted to the spouse or legal nominee registered by the pensioner.

TNEB Pension Details

The pension scheme runs under the authority of the chief internal Audit. He will address all issues regarding pension funds. The amount is paid to the spouse, and suppose they are not alive. It’s transferred to the nominee. Assuming no nominee is appointed, the authority will distribute the amount to the legal family heirs in equal installments.

How to Join the TNEB Pension Scheme

A pension scheme is an option for all employees in TNEB. Any applicant must write if they are willing to join during the time of retirement. The details are forwarded to the board office Audit branch plus the pension proposal. The pensioner can also withdraw from the scheme anytime. They can request a refund for the Chief Internal Audit.

Documents Required From Nominee or Spouse

The nominee should have the following documents when claiming for funds.

  • Application form
  • The death certificate of the pensioner.
  • A Xerox copy front and back of the saving bank account passbook of the nominee opened in I.O.B.
  • A legal document indicating you’re the legal heir.
  • A consent letter from the legal heirs for payment to any of them using the chosen heir bank account.

TNEB Free Medical Aid for Pensioners and Dependents

The TNEB board allows retired employees to access medical facilities. The employees need an identity card from the Audit branch to enjoy the services. The pensioners will receive the original identity card, and a duplicated copy is left at the dispensary. The pensioner’s family members are eligible to get free medical care at the dispensary too.

All TNEB employees will also receive free treatment together with their families. The board will allow employees and pensioners to access treatment at the government hospital. Irrespective of the fact, they have medical allowances, which are paid every month. The chief Audit branch issues all identity cards. However, for employees who die in harness, the cards are given to the disbursing officer’s dependents. Who the decease last served before the time of death.

In conclusion, all employees and pensioners should refer to the chief internal Audit for all pension details. They will receive information on eligible government hospitals, a refund of funds, and the amount to save every month.

TNEB Pension
TNEB Pension
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The post TNEB Pension Details – Apply Statement, Health Fund, and Hospitals appeared first on How to Fill 2022.

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