Amazing Madhya Pradesh: Goats are giving milk, their price will blow your senses

Amazing Madhya Pradesh: Goats are giving milk, their price will blow your senses, crowds of people gathered to see

Amazing Madhya Pradesh: Goats are giving milk

MP News: Mosim Tadvi / Burhanpur. Goats are giving milk, that too not one or two but all four. You must have been surprised to hear this, we too were surprised earlier. Because only goats give milk, but now goats are also giving milk. This feat is happening in Burhanpur district of Madhya Pradesh, to see which a crowd of people is gathering. So let us tell you the whole matter that how the goats are giving milk.

Actually, the whole matter is of Burhanpur district headquarters of Madhya Pradesh, here 6 years ago “Sir Taj” Goat Rearing Training Center and Research Center was established, in which more than 350 goats of more than a dozen different species of goats are reared. There are goats, out of these there are four goats that give milk, when a trainee looked at the four goats here, he saw that these goats give milk like goats, this trainee asked the employees here that they It didn’t seem new, because he had seen such a sight before, in such a situation, when this trainee uploaded this thing on social media, everyone was surprised whether it sometimes happens that a goat gives milk instead of a goat. After which a crowd of people started gathering here to see this sight.

amazing sight to see

Even we were not able to accept this thing, but when we reached this unique goat rearing center, we were surprised to see the sight because in reality four goats were also giving milk like goats. When the interest increased, I asked the manager of the goat rearing center, he told that only four goats are giving milk, these goats are of Rajasthani breed and they need a good diet. The special thing is that the body structure of these goats is similar to other goats, but there is something different in terms of giving milk because they have two udders, these goats are giving up to 250 ml of milk throughout the day.

Goats have funny names too

The special thing is that the names of these four goats are also kept funny, the black colored goat is Punjabi Bital, named Badshah, the second one is Hyderabadi Chacha, the third one is of Pathira species named Sheru and Hansa species. Goat whose name is Sultan, this goat gives an average of 200 to 300 ml of milk daily, this milk is mixed with normal goat’s milk, ever since this news has come on social media, a good crowd of people is gathering here.

Goats cost in lakhs

The special thing is that the price of these goats is also surprising, it is not as cheap as other normal goats, the owner of the farmhouse, Tushar, says that these goats are of Rajasthani breed and their price ranges from 50 thousand rupees to 4 lakh rupees. Till then. Tushar told that generally goats have a big body, but these goats are a bit different, all the four goats are heavy, but to a large extent their texture is like that of goats. That’s why people are reaching to see them to see this sight.

The whole matter in the eyes of experts

It is okay if goats give milk, but when goats give milk, then it is necessary to go to the experts, because it goes a little against the laws of nature, when experts were discussed on this issue, they were also surprised, experts too Are engaged in gathering information about this, although some veterinary doctors say that sometimes this type of condition can be found with one goat out of 100, because it can be possible due to hormonal changes, according to doctors, not only goats Such cases are sometimes heard in bulls or other animals as well, whatever it may be now, but the issue of goats giving milk remains in the discussion.

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