Anna Mani:Who Is Anna Mani

Anna Mani:Who Is Anna Mani 

 Today is the 140th birth anniversary of Indian physicist and meteorologist Anna Mani, to mark it Google has created a special doodle.  Anna Mani played an important role in the field of meteorological instrumentation.  Mani contributed to the design of weather observation instruments that play an important role in measuring and estimating the weather aspects of the country.  Let us know who is Anna Mani and what was his contribution to the Meteorological Department of India.

 Wanted to become a dancer but became friends with physics..

 Known as the ‘weather lady of India’, Anna was born in 1918 to a Syrian Christian family in Kerala.  She wanted to become a dancer since childhood, but for the sake of the family, she joined physics.  He made many valuable contributions in the field of physics and meteorology.  His research made it possible for India to make accurate weather forecasts and laid the groundwork for the country to use renewable energy.  He also worked under CV Raman, a physicist and professor researching the optical properties of rubies and diamonds.

 Apart from India, Anna’s contribution to the UN also ..

 Anna did her B.Sc in Physics and Chemistry from P Pachaiappa College in 1939 and went to Imperial College, London in 1945 for further studies.  He also published 5 research papers.  She returned from London in 1948 and after returning, Anna joined the India Meteorological Department in Pune.  There he was given the responsibility of arranging meteorological instruments.  Later she also served as the Deputy Director General in the India Meteorological Department and also held several key positions in the United Nations World Meteorological Organization.

 For her outstanding contribution in the field of Meteorology, Anna was awarded the INSA’s Award in 1987.  R.  Ramanathan Medal.  In 2001 the country lost the weather lady of India.

Google Doodle: What makes Anna Mani a national symbol?

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     Anna Mani’s life was an inspiring journey for many nationalists.  She was a supporter of the civil disobedience movement and wore only khadi as a symbol of her national identity.

     After studying in London, he had the option to live and work there.  But his love for India brought him back home.  As a result, he designed hundreds of meteorological instruments and contributed to the science of India.

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