Can Babar Azam overtake the batting records of Virat Kohli …

Can Babar Azam overtake the batting records of Virat Kohli …

Can Babar Azam breaks Kohli record .Both are great player’s and are best in their way but if you make a comparison between them then at this moment Virat is way ahead,no doubt that Babar is a very good player but the matches,consistency, temperament, runchase,hunger,these are all what Makes Virat Kohli way ahead of Babar

Who is the best between Virat Kohli and Babar Aza

Both of them have one of the best cover drives currently. They both are unique. Their cover drives are great and can be seen the many times without getting bored. Well let’s first look a

Babar Azam is the best player in Pakistan! But he can’t beat Virat. Virat is completely on another level. Because of his longer efforts, Passion. Yeah may be, Azam can beat Kohli. Because, Nothing is impossible! If he wants, then he can! Everything is depend on

Babar Azam has 11 centuries at the age of 25 since his debut in May 2015. Basically, he has 2.75 centuries per year in these 4 y

Even Sachin had 15 centuries at the age of 25 in 8.5 years since debut. It was less because he was a lower middle order batsman for the first 4 years. He ended with 49 centuries at 2.13 centuries per year in 23 years long ODI caree

Kohli had 17 centuries in 5 years at the age of 25 since his debut in Aug 2008 at 3.4 centuries per year then. He has now 43 centuries in 11 years at 3.9 centuries per year. And, he is on his prime age (under 31) improving his game every yea

What is common between Sachin and Kohli is they both upped their game and continued the same for long years. With the fitness level of Kohli, he can surely play for next 6 years and more. Even if his game dips a little bit, he will be hitting 3 centuries per year. That will add another 18 to his tally of 43 making it to 60+ centurie

Now, take same fitness as Kohli for Babar and he has more or less 11 years of game left(till 36 years of age). To beat even Sachin’s tally of 49 centuries, he need 39 centuries more at 3.54 centuries per year for next 11 y

Babar is currently making centuries at 2.75 centuries per year. He needs to up his game so much to score 3.54 centuries per year and so for the next 11 years. That’s too huge task for anyon

Even Amla was once competing with Kohli. He retired with 27 ODI centuries.And Rohit Sharma is ruining bowlers with 27 centuries and still going stron

Babar Azam is too far to think beyond Sachin and Kohli. He has to first beat Rohit Hitman Sharma in the race of centuries. Don’t be high even to think this. 

What are the technical differences between Virat Kohli and Babar Azam’s cover d

Both of them have one of the best cover drives currently. They both are unique. Their cover drives are great and can be seen the many times without getting bored. Well let’s first look at


Virat kohli has a great ability of reading the length beforehand and it helps him a lot in playing cover drive. Look at him initially, before playing the coverdrive

Before every shot Virat Kohli opens his front leg and takes it across so as to create some room. This early movement of his legs is necessary for playing different kind of s

If he has to play a cover drive then he leans towards the ball by taking his front leg towards the ball as shown in the image be

Here he has moved close to the ball as much as possible for him. Now he moves his bat towards the ball and after driving he stops the bat and doesn’t complete the full follow through so as to maintain his balance as shown


Babar Azam’s cover drive is a bit different from that of Virat Kohli’s drive but is good to watch to

Unlike Virat Kohli’s drive, Babar Azam doesn’t move his legs across. His only leg movement is movement of front leng before hitting the shot. Look at his initial position

After this he starts lifting his bat and front leg comes forward at the same ti

After the ball is released, he moves his bat which completes the follow through. He doesn’t need to stop his bat as unlike Kohli he has no issue regarding maintaining his ba

The most important part, something which is common in both the drives is that their eyes are on the ball before hitting i

One Day Internationa

Virat Koh

So it’s clear that this batsman has played most of his matches outside India. His away average is also excellent. He has played many matches in SENA(South Africa, England, New Zealand, Australia) countries and scored a good amount of runs. 21 away hundreds. 58.32 away average. I mean it’s quite remarkable. I don’t see any modern day batsman as great as him in this format. His consistency has been great. Scoring hundreds is easy for this guy. In the recent few years, he alongside with Rohit Sharma is responsible for all the 300+ chases by Indi

Some records held by Kohl

Fastest to 8000 ODI run

Fastest to 9000 ODI runs

Fastest to 10000 ODI runs

Only player to hit three consecutive hundreds against two oppositions(Sri Lanka, Windies)

Most number of hundreds while chasing

Fastest to 1000 runs in a calendar year

Most runs in a calendar year as captain(1460 in 2017)

Most occasions of scoring 300+ runs in a bilateral series(6 times)

The first batsman in ODI history to go past 500 runs in a bilateral ODI series(against South Africa in 2018)

and many more

2. Babar Az

He has played 17 matches in U.A.E.and 1 match in Pakistan and has scored 958 runs at an average of 68.43 in U.A.E. and 54 runs in Pakistan. His away record is not that good. He has played 33 away matches and has scored 1117 runs. Overall his numbers are good yet his away record is not great. I don’t see him breaking Kohli’s records in the One-dayer

Test Match

Virat Koh

image sources-How

Virat Kohli’s numbers are pretty good in tests. He’s getting better with time. I remember he had an average of approx 44 three years back. His England tour of 2014 was one of the poorest tours by any batsman(especially of his caliber). But boy! he has improved greatly. He completely dominated recent England tour.593 runs. I mean that was incredible. He was the highest run scorer among all the players of both nations in both the tours- in England and South Africa(being an away overseas tour that was incredible). He is completely dominating this form of the game too. As compared to other legends his record is good but not that great to be honest(because initially, he was not that good in test cricket). Among all the current player I will only rate Steve Smith above him in the Test match cricke

Some records held by Kohl

On 5th October 2018, Virat Kohli became the first captain to score 1000+ Test runs in three consecutive year

Virat Kohli is the fastest to 4,000 runs as captain in Tests. He got there in just 65 innings, beating the previous record of 71 innings set by West Indies’ Brian Lara

On 20th August 2018, Virat Kohli became the first captain to make 200 runs in a Test match for the tenth time. Brian Lara and Ricky Ponting are next best with seven such performances each

Kohli is the first batsman to score 4 double-centuries in 4 consecutive Test series

The India captain became the only Test skipper in history to score three hundred in his first three innings as captain

Virat Kohli has scored six double hundreds as a captain, the most by any captain. He overtook Brian Lara’s record of five double tons

and many mor


T-20 Internat

Virat Koh

image sources-HowSTA

Virat Kohli was a great player in the t20’s. I remember 2 years ago he averaged 58 despite playing more than 35 t20’s. But his recent performance in the t20’s in not that good. He has lost his magical touch in the t20. I guess his success as an opener in the IPL compelled him to open for India. Since then, he tried to open for India and has failed considerably. Although his numbers are still great, still I can say that his performance has declined a little bit in the t

Some records of Kohl

most fifties in t20 international cricket(1

2. Babar Az

image sources-HowSTA

Babar Azam in t20’s is a great batsman. Although his strike rate is not that good for t20 ’s still you can’t ignore his numbers, they are great. You can probably say that he has played most of his matches in the home ground(Pakistan 7 and UAE 11) still those numbers are excellent. he’s already the fastest to 1000 runs in t20’s breaking Kohli’s record by one inning(Babar Azam 26 innings). Well, currently I rate him above Kohli in the t20’s as he has been brilliant in the previous two years while Kohli has struggled a little bit. He can definitely break Kohli’s records in the t20

Babar azam is 24 years old.Here are his sta

Virat is 30 year

Here are Virats sta

He has11000+ runs in odi and 6000+ in test matches with 60 and 53 average respectivel

We can conclude that with the fitness and form on Virat kohli side he will minimum play till 2023 world cup.till then he will surely cross 100+ centuries in international cricket.But Babar azam has not being on level kohli is.Babar has lots of distance to travel in that 6 year

He is almost 5,000 and 8000 runs ahead of babar which has all the chances of increasi

So, a newly appointed captain of Pakistan T20 side with probably a greater T20 average (51.88) is compared to a World cup winner (2011), 10 times winner of ICC best cricketer award (tests & ODIs) and included in the ODI and test teams of the year countless times ( of course, being the captain of the sides most times), 69 centuries in international cricket with average of over 50 across all formats and ….. (I am afraid, I will take all spaces if I go on writing the massive records of Mr. Kohl

How can you compare someone relatively new to the international circuit with a living legend like Virat Kohli? The question itself is absurd! Can you ever put a value on the sacrifices of a teenager who turned up for his side and scored 90 runs to save a test match (for Delhi) restraining from attending his father’s funeral and going there only after ensuring his match duty is accomplished firs


A player like Virat comes once in a century. And this is Virat’s century! Even the records of him chasing and his zillion innings that have made India win the matches are incomparable. This man puts his country first before anything else, even before himself! I mean, the records are there to justify Virat’s hard work and talent, but I wanted to stress here on the intangibles Virat bring to the table which I think makes him one of the best athletes in the world, forget cricke

His hard work, talent, sacrifice, ‘bring it on’ attitude, energy, fitness, concentration, focus, selflessness, style, personality, hunger (for not just runs but cricketing knowledge), spirit are all just visible parts of the massive reservoir Virat is measured of! But his off-field impressions also point to his living legend status- charity for children and old-age homes, loyalty to his wife (one lady man), oath to be vegan for life, promotion of fitness and so much mor

Simply put, Babar is a good player but perhaps, he needs to power himself to 100 to reach the proximity of Kohli’s greatness!

Who is a better batsman, Virat Kohli or Babar 

Undoubtedly, the better batter among the two is Virat Ko

Let me explain why he( Virat Kohli) is the best batter currently. You know Virat Kohli is performing continuously in all the three formats of cricket, Test, Odis & T20Is. His average in all three formats is more than 50 & collectively 5

Virat Kohli started his international career in 2008 and is playing for last 14 years & has scored 71 International hundreds. On the other hand Babar Azam started his career in 2015 and is playing for last 8 years and his tally for hundreds is 25. If we compare both players, than Virat Kohli is very far away from Babar. To Babar, it took him 8 years to score 25 international hundreds & in a span of 14 years, Virat scored triple of the centuries from Baba

Virat Kohli has performed on big stages whereas Babar Azam failed to score big in matches like qfs, sfs & final

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Virat Kohli has performed on big stages whereas Babar Azam failed to score big in matches like qfs, sfs & finals.

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