CUK Announces 40% Tuition Fee Waiver for Enrolled Students.

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CUK Announces 40% Tuition Fee Waiver for Enrolled Students. SRINAGAR: In a significant move towards fostering inclusive education and supporting underprivileged students, the Central University of Kashmir (CUK) has announced the launch of the Student Aid Fund (SAF) for variable tuition fee waivers for students under various categories.

This initiative is designed to extend financial aid and tuition fee exemptions to deserving students facing economic challenges, emphasizing the university’s commitment to inclusive learning. Under the scheme, 40 per cent of students in each semester will benefit from a variable tuition fee waiver of up to 100 per cent.

Speaking about the initiative, Vice-Chancellor Prof. A Ravinder Nath, as per a statement issued said, “The SAF underscores the commitment of the Central University of Kashmir to provide equitable educational opportunities and support its students in overcoming financial barriers.” He said that the policy is in tune with the University Grants Commission (UGC) policy for inclusiveness, helping students from disadvantageous groups, underprivileged and economically challenged sections, besides promoting meritorious students.

The SAF is a dedicated fund aimed at supporting students, especially from Low-Income Groups, and shall be sustained through various sources, including student contributions, university allocations, alumni donations, and income generated through student-centric activities led by the Dean Students Welfare.

The SAF introduces three tiers of tuition fee exemptions per semester based on specific conditions. Category-I (need-based) is purely need-based and offers a 100 per cent tuition fee waiver for 10% of students, including orphans, those from broken families, first-generation learners, differently-abled individuals, ex-servicemen, and sports persons and medallists of National and International Sports Competitions and Events.

Category II (need and merit-based) provides a 50 per cent tuition fee waiver for 20 per cent of students. These include students facing critical illnesses to either of their parents with an annual income not exceeding Rs. 3,00,000/- per annum. Category-III (merit-based) includes the top 10 per cent of meritorious students from the entrance tests or the end-semester examinations in each semester. To avail the financial assistance, students must adhere to specific conditions, including submitting applications, income certification, and a declaration of not receiving any such assistance from other schemes.

The move is also aimed to enhance the enrolment of unrepresented and under-represented students in various programmes in the university and reach the unreached. This historical move of the University has received appreciation from all the stakeholders and is considered one of the best practices introduced by CUKashmir in higher education.

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