EHRMS Punjab Login | HRMS Punjab Employee Salary Slip Download at

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EHRMS Punjab

EHRMS Punjab Employees Salary Slip (Payslip) Download Online Through Ehrms Punjab Password forgot. IHRMS Punjab APP Download. EHRMS Manav Sampada 2022

EHRMS Punjab

On every end month employees receive their rightful share of salary. The salary goes through some deduction such as tax, insurances and loan cuts if you owe the organization. The end amount is known as net salary. A continuous process that occurs every month. However, employees need to learn about their salary payslips, what they get and deductions made. These can only happen by receiving a pay slip and analyzing the details. In different organizations, one has to seek slips from the HR offices. The process is tiring; sometimes, the documents are lost or cannot be retrieved.

To reduce the hassle, the Punjab state government has introduced a new website for employees. Here they can check their salaries and payslip online without visiting the HR office. These has dramatically reduced the congestion in the offices and given employees valuable details about the money. The IHRMS (Integrated human resources management system) is the new online software for Punjab employees. Here they can launch their complaints, check salary slips, tax deductions, insurances etc. To access the website, you have to log in using a password and username. Today we focus on the services provided by the IHRMS portal to the employees.

HRMS Punjab
EHRMS Punjab Login | IHRMS Punjab Employee payslip & Salary Slip Download 2022

EHRMS Punjab Employee Login Online Process

The HRMS portal is easy to access, though you need to log in. The process is simple and can be done using the steps below.

  1. Visit the official HRMS Punjab official website page.
  3. On the homepage check for the login tab and then select EHRMS Punjab payslip.
  4. On clicking the login tab, a new page will appear where you’re to fill in your User ID and passwords after this enter the captcha code on the same page to continue.
  5. Recheck the information and then proceed to click on the login button.
  6. The system will verify the details and then given access to the portal.

EHRMS Punjab Forgot Login Password

The login process can never be complete without a password or user Id. However, due to various reasons; you can forget the password/. Incorrect password could lead to blockage of the account.

  1. Open the official website page
  2. On the login portal page, select the login option on the right side of the page.
  3. Look for the option forgot password then proceed.
  4. Direct Link:
  5. Key in the information required in the correct form, enter your department and employee code.
  6. Check on the details then select the search option.
  7. The system will need more verification, such as your registered mobile number on the page given.
  8. The support team will verify the details and if correct the HRMS portal will send you a new password on the registered mobile number.

How to Get IHRMS Punjab Employee Code

The account details are essential, and each detail is attached to the other. The user Id mentioned in the account login, is an important detail. The user Id used as the IHRMS employee code and it’s offered by the employer. Get the code through the online method as follows.

  1. Visit the IHRMS Punjab website portal and select the login page to proceed.
  2. On the homepage, click on the option “get employee code” from the menu bar.
  3. Proceed and enter the word Punjab under the option requesting for state. Key in the date of birth or the Aadhaar card. Now enter the registered mobile number followed by the captcha code. The code should be copied correctly to avoid repetition of the process.
  4. The details have to be correct for the code to be generated. If right select the tab indicated as “fetch employee code.”
  5. The system will send your employee code to the registered mobile number.

All the details should be carefully enter to avoid blocking of the page. The HRMS portal verifies every aspect before resetting or providing personal information. Employees are advise never to send wrong information or face the consequences.

E-HRMS Punjab Payslip Mobile APP

The government introduced a convenient way of accessing the portal through a mobile app. These has ease the task for employees as they can check the details anywhere anytime. The mobile app has a few steps as follows:

  1. Go to the IHRMS homepage and open the link
  2. On the homepage select the IHRMS Punjab payslip mobile application.
  3. After this, select the install button to continue.
  4. The system will install the application in a few seconds, after which you can open the app—login with your user id and password.
  5. The mobile app is easy since many people have mobile phones. However, one has to download the right mobile application from the many types displayed.

Benefits of The IHRMS ( Website Portal

The IHRMS Punjab website holds a lot of benefit for both government and employees. It has brought a lot of digital transformation in the state. Employees don’t have to worry about the queue or lost payslips anymore.

  • The portal saves time and resources, for employees can access the portal without the HR’s help.
  • It easy to open and use for any employee.
  • The web portal contains all details from payslip to solving grievances for the employees.
  • The payslip can be used to get loans or new job position; the portal helps employees get this fast.
  • Easy follow-up by the government on employees.
  • Here you can learn about the loan application process or your tax deduction.
  • Salary increments and any new developments are sent on the website for members to follow.

Note nobody can access your account unless shared. The personal details are to be preserve to avoid hacking or information leakage.

IHRMS Punjab Login

In conclusion, the IHRMS portal will serve a great purpose to all employees. The government can follow on every employee detail easily and also solve the problem fast. Note the portal has a support team which listens to employee’s complaints. They receive and address the issues giving the right feedback through the account or registered mobile number. 

Any changes that the employee needs to make has to reflect on the account. There are details such as mobile number, or emails which are editable. Make the changes to avoid any misunderstanding on the account details. please refer official website

eHRMS Manav Sampada Website


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