How to Close ICICI Bank Account

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How to Close ICICI Bank Account

How to close icici bank account. How to Close a Saving Account in Icici Bank Account more at

ICICI Bank Account

The ICICI bank account pertains all the legal information of the account holder. The bank keeps formal details of its customers. To help in confirmation and recognition if the need arises. ICICI bank offers all clients a passbook, debit cards and credit card plus cheque book. After registering an account with the bank. These details help customers to transact freely without visiting the bank branch. It also helps in balance enquire and paying credit quickly.

ICICI bank accounts come with different banking benefits for all clients. However, if any customer wants to cease being an ICICI member, they need to formalize the account closing process. These ensure you safe from fraud and other criminal activities, which might occur when your card gets into the wrong hands. The bank advocates for proper closing process returning of all bank items such as cheque, passbooks and debit/credit cards.

One is expected to provide all banking details to help in the process. The member should visit the ICICI bank branch and request for closure form. The bank executive will offer and help you fill the mandatory details. The form requests the applicant to provide the following information:

  • Account number
  • The name of the account holder
  • Registered mobile number
  • Signature.

Step by step procedure To Close Your ICICI Bank Account

How to Close ICICI Bank Account

Reason for ICICI Account Closure

The ICICI member may have a different reason for closing the account permanently.

  • Low rate of interest.
  • If he/she has a bad relationship with any bank official.
  • High transaction fee and charges.
  • If the bank doesn’t have some services such as online services.
  • If one has multiple bank accounts
  • Not happy with customer care services.

How to Close ICICI Bank Account

Step by step process to close the ICICI bank account/ saving account. There are few actions to take before closing the bank account.

  1. Visit the ICICI bank branch near you

    Request for closure form and fill the required details.

  2. For joint accounts, all applicants need to visit the bank.

    Next, attach all your KYC documents

  3. Ensure to provide copies of address and identity proof

    You need to submit all bank documents: the cheque book, passbook, debit card and credit card.

  4. The applicant needs to withdraw the balance amount from the account

    The bank will verify the details and release the amount.

  5. The applicant can choose to receive the amount in cash or transfer to another account

    The ICICI Bank also offers cheque to any member who needs to withdraw using a cheque.

After the closure, the former account holder cannot reopen the account again. The bank doesn’t allow the user to revive any close accounts. Ensure to have a soft copy as evidence of bank closure. The bank only provides for closure if the member has cleared all pending dues or charges.

To complete the process one requires copies of identity and address proof. The applicant should sign all the documents. These apply to all documents you must present to the icici bank. No document is considered if the user doesn’t sign the documents. The account is successfully closed, preventing other user/fraudsters from accessing the bank account without your knowledge.

  1. What documents are needed for account closer?

    The applicant must have self-attest documents, identity and address proof copies. They should be signed to proceed with the account closing process.

  2. Can I close any joint account alone?

    Applicants with a joint account should visit the bank branch together. They need to fill the closure form and follow instructions.

  3. Does the ICICI refund the account balance?

    After verification of the bank details, the bank will release your balance. You can opt for cash, cheque or transfer to other accounts.

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The post How to Close ICICI Bank Account appeared first on How to Fill 2022.

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