Incident in UP School: Teacher Encourages Slapping of Muslim Boy, Triggers Outrage

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Incident in UP School: Teacher Encourages Slapping of Muslim Boy, Triggers Outrage:Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh: A shocking incident unfolded at a private school in Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh, where a teacher was caught on camera instructing students to slap a young Muslim boy. The disturbing video has sparked widespread anger due to the teacher’s behavior.

Local police have acknowledged the viral video and plan to involve the Education Department to address the issue appropriately. The incident has raised concerns about potential communal undertones, as the teacher used divisive language in the video.

“We are aware of a video circulating in which a female teacher instructs some students to physically discipline a classmate who struggled with learning multiplication tables. We’ve also discussed the inappropriate comments made in the video with the school principal,” stated Superintendent of Police Satyanarayan Prajapat in a video shared on X, formerly known as Twitter.

“The teacher linked the poor academic performance of Muslim children to their mothers not prioritizing their studies. We’ve informed the basic education officer, and the teacher will face consequences,” the police official emphasized.

The child rights organization has also taken steps to ensure action is taken against the teacher.

According to reports from NDTV, the boy’s father revealed that he won’t be pursuing legal charges against the school, as they have reached a resolution with the school authorities. However, he has decided to withdraw his child from the school. The school has refunded the fees, and the father is keen on moving on from the incident.

Planting seeds of discrimination in impressionable young minds, transforming a place of learning into a breeding ground for animosity—few actions could be more detrimental for a nation. This incident highlights the divisive atmosphere perpetuated by certain elements. Nurturing love and unity in the hearts of future generations is paramount. Let us collectively teach the value of compassion to our children, for they are the future of our nation.

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