Kashmir Valley Disturbed by Inconsistent Power Supply, KCCI Responds

SRINAGAR: The Kashmir Chamber of Commerce & Industry (KCC&I), in a press release said that they have been closely observing the ongoing erratic power supply in the Kashmir valley. “This has been gravely affecting the industry, trade/business, and households in general,” says KCC&I.

The Chamber expresses its concern and disappointment with the Kashmir Power Distribution Corporation Limited (KPDCL) and its “unreliable and contradictory policies” for maintaining regular power supply. “The department promised uninterrupted electric supply with the installation of smart meters, but this hasn’t been the case. Power supply remains severely erratic for most of the year,” adds KCC&I.

KPDCL’s announced schedule for electric supply hasn’t been followed, further compounding the issues faced by consumers.

KCC&I also notes that KPDCL previously announced procuring power from Uttar Pradesh and negotiations for more from the central grid to ease the power shortage, but no progress has been made. The Department even announced power curtailment before the onset of winter.

KCC&I urged Lt Governor Manoj Sinha to “personally intervene” and direct officials to ensure consistent power supply, especially for industries, the tourism sector, industrial estates, stores, shopkeepers, traders, senior citizens, the sick, students, and the health and education sectors during the harsh winter months.

KCC&I emphasises the importance of tourism for the region’s economy and how the power crisis negatively affects tourists, “becoming a bad publicity for our tourism.”

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