NGRI Warns Massive earthquakes can hit these parts of India any time


NGRI Warns Massive earthquakes can hit these parts of India any time

The National Geophysical Research Institute (NGRI) on Tuesday predicted massive earthquakes in the Himalayan region with the potential to affect Uttarakhand and Nepal in the near future. It, however, added that strong building structures can prevent loss of property as well as life.

While speaking to media, NGRI’s chief scientist Dr N Purnachandra Rao said that Earth’s surface comprises various plates that are constantly in motion and the Indian plate is moving about 5 cm per year, leading to accumulation of stress along the Himalayas.

The accumulated stress increases the possibility of a greater earthquake, he said.

We have a strong network of 18 seismograph stations in Uttarakhand. The region referred to as the seismic gap between Himachal and western part of Nepal including Uttarakhand is prone to earthquakes that might occur at any time,” added Dr N Purnachandra Rao.




The NGRI scientist stressed that the earthquakes can hit with magnitude as strong as 8 on the Richter Scale.


Talking about the deadly earthquakes in Turkey recently, he said that the damage was more in the country because of the poor quality of buildings.

We can’t stop earthquakes but we can prevent loss. There are guidelines issued by the Government of India for construction of buildings in these earthquake prone areas, so public should follow those guidelines,” he advised. (Times Now)



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