SBI Customers Alert: Now a new rule is applicable to withdraw money from ATM!

SBI Customers Alert: Now a new rule is applicable to withdraw money from ATM! See full process soon

SBI Customers Alert

SBI Customers Alert: As technology is expanding, frauds have also increased. Thugs are cheating people by using technology in different ways. To prevent fraud related to the bank, the bank issues several alerts and asks not to give your personal information to anyone. In such a situation, banks also try to prevent such cases from their side. SBI has brought out its rule in this direction. In this, now the person who has gone to withdraw money from the ATM, an OTP will come on his number, which will be able to withdraw cash only after putting it in the ATM while withdrawing money.

As per the new rule, customers cannot withdraw cash from ATMs without OTP. Customers will get an OTP on the registered mobile number at the time of cash withdrawal. Can withdraw cash only after entering OTP.

 SBI said, ‘Our OTP-based cash withdrawal system for transactions at SBI ATMs is an immunization against fraudsters. Protecting you from fraud will always be our top priority. SBI customers should know how the OTP based cash withdrawal system will work.

According to the bank, the new rule is applicable only for withdrawals of Rs 10,000 and above. Customers need to enter OTP along with Debit Card PIN while making withdrawals.

 see full process

 OTP will be a four digit number which the customer will get for a single transaction.

 Once you enter the amount you want to withdraw, you will be asked to enter the OTP on the ATM screen.

 You will have to enter the OTP received on the registered mobile number with the bank.

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