School Education Department Issues Orders for Transfer and Posting of 355 Lecturers

The School Education Department of Jammu and Kashmir ordered Transfers and postings of Lecturers under Online Transfer Drive-2023; modifications thereof.

According to a government order, transfer and posting of lecturers in various disciplines have been issued by Administrative Department under Online Transfer Drive-2023 vide different Government Orders; and

Whereas, various representations have been received by the Department regarding modification of postings on different grounds; and

Whereas, the representations have been examined thoroughly in the Department and genuine representations have been considered on case to case basis on various grounds and merits; and.

Whereas, some representations of lecturers not considered in Online Transfer despite desired stay / set criterion have been examined in light of transfer policy in vogue and decided on merits;

Now, therefore, in the interest of administration, modification(s) / transfer(s) and posting(s) in favour of the lecturers in various disciplines forming Annexure-A & Annexure-B to this Government Order is hereby ordered for immediate compliance.

Download PDF Here?Transfer(s) and posting(s) of Lecturers under Online Transfer Drive-2023; modification thereof

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