Srinagar Orphanage Reports Disappearance of 18 Children

SRINAGAR: The Child Welfare Committee (CWC) said on Friday that 18 children are unaccounted for from an orphanage in Srinagar. The SDM Srinagar took action by sealing the unregistered Al-Miskeen Yateem Trust.

In an official statement, CWC Srinagar chairperson Dr Khair-un-Nisa revealed that the committee had previously visited the Al-Miskeen Yateem Trust in Nundreshi Colony, Bemina, Srinagar, urging the Trust head to register under the Juvenile Justice Act (JJA). Despite granting the trust a one-month extension, the Trust head failed to comply with the registration requirement.

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Dr Nisa stated, “Today, we discovered 18 children missing from the trust, and their whereabouts are unknown.” She added that the Trust was locked, signifying its illegal operation.

“Today, SDM Srinagar sealed the Trust as it was running illegally,” Dr Nisa affirmed, emphasising the immediate presentation of the 18 missing children before the CWC. “For us, 18 children are missing,” she asserted. (KNO)

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