World Cup semifinal qualification scenarios after Pakistan and Australia’s wins

World Cup semifinal qualification scenarios after Pakistan and Australia’s wins

CHENNAI: With India and South Africa having already qualified for the World Cup semifinals and following Pakistan and Australia winning their respective matches in the World Cup on Saturday, here is how the qualification scenario looks like for the other teams in the competition:

Australia (10 points)

With two more ties to go for the Kangaroos, currently placed third, they need to win one more fixture to ensure a spot in the semis. Afghanistan and Bangladesh are their upcoming opponents. If they lose both their games, they will have to depend on favourable results of in other matches.

New Zealand (8 points)

The BlackCaps, currently fourth, don’t have much of a choice now and need to prevail in their only remaining match against Sri Lanka. However, a victory in that encounter would not guarantee them their place in the semis, as they will also have to expect Pakistan and Afghanistan to lose their remaining games.

If New Zealand lose, they will have to rely on Pakistan, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka and the Netherlands to lose their remaining contests, and that too by huge margins.

Pakistan (8 points)

The Men in Green are currently placed fifth and in a similar situation as New Zealand. While they will also have to win their remaining contest against England, they will also have to ensure that they win by a big margin to better their net run rate (0.036) compared to the Kiwis (0.398). If they lose to the Three Lions, they would hope that NZ, Afghanistan, Lanka and the Netherlands also lose by big margins.

Afghanistan (8 points)

The Afghans are currently placed sixth and have a simple task ahead — win their remaining matches against Australia and South Africa and secure their place in the semis. But, it will indeed be a daunting task for them, especially against Australia, who are desperate for a semis berth.

If Afghanistan lose one or both the fixtures, their only hope would be for New Zealand and Pakistan to lose their respective remaining match by big margins.

Sri Lanka (4 points)

The Lions, currently placed seventh, play Bangladesh and New Zealand next.

Besides winning the two contests by significant margins, they must pray for the above-mentioned teams to lose their remaining games and that too by considerable margins to have an outside chance of making it to the semis. A loss in any one of the two ties would result in their elimination.

Netherlands (4 points)

The Dutch are currently placed eighth and are exactly in the same situation as the Lankans. They would be hoping to win their remaining encounters against England and India by massive margins, which looks like an improbable task.

However, it will also boil down to New Zealand, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Sri Lanka losing their contests by big margins to bolster their run-rate. One more defeat would spell the end of their race.–(PTI)

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