750 Engineer Positions Vacant in PDD, says JKEEGA


The Jammu and Kashmir Electrical Engineering Graduates Association (JKEEGA) has highlighted a critical issue regarding the shortage of engineers in the Power Development Department (PDD) of J&K. According to the association, approximately 750 engineering positions remain unfilled, leading to operational challenges.

During a meeting of the association, JKEEGA President Sachin Tickoo expressed concerns about the current state of vacancies. The positions that are reportedly vacant include two managing director roles, four executive director positions, five chief engineers, 14 superintending engineers, 62 executive engineers, 134 assistant executive engineers, 167 assistant engineers, and around 350 junior engineers. This situation has resulted in individuals holding multiple charges within the PDD corporations.

Tickoo emphasized that maintaining the highest standards of public service becomes challenging when engineers are tasked with managing multiple roles across different subdivisions. He further noted that such arrangements affect the quality of work and hinder the ability to address consumer grievances effectively.

In light of ongoing reforms within the department and corporations, such as the implementation of smart meters, Tickoo stressed the importance of resolving consumer concerns. These concerns have accumulated due to insufficient staffing and the presence of vacant positions at the Sub Divisional levels.

Tickoo urged Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha and Chief Secretary Dr. Arun Kumar Mehta to consider approving the promotion proposals recommended by the administrative department for these vacant positions. These proposals have reportedly been pending in the e-office for the last six months, contributing to the persistence of this issue.

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