Can Pakistan Still Secure a World Cup 2023 Semi-Final Spot? The Scenarios Explained.

Can Pakistan Still Secure a World Cup 2023 Semi-Final:The path to the semi-finals of the 2023 World Cup may still be open for Pakistan, but it’s a challenging journey. Pakistan’s cricket team, led by Babar Azam, was considered a strong contender for the title.

However, a series of unexpected losses left their World Cup aspirations hanging by a thread. Can Pakistan overcome the odds and replicate their iconic 1992 comeback? Realistically, it’s an uphill battle. Even if Pakistan wins their remaining matches, they would need favorable results from other teams to advance to the semi-finals.

Can Pakistan Still Secure a World Cup 2023 Semi-Final

To secure a semi-final spot, Pakistan must not only win their three remaining games but also rely on specific outcomes from other teams. Their fate hinges on Australia losing all their matches, Sri Lanka suffering defeats, and New Zealand facing setbacks in their upcoming fixtures.

Additionally, Afghanistan’s recent impressive performance complicates Pakistan’s path. They now need Afghanistan to lose specific matches but defeat Australia without affecting their net run rate.

Achieving victories with substantial margins is essential to ensure a positive net run rate for Pakistan in the league stage. The road to the semi-finals is narrow, but Pakistan’s hope remains alive, however dim it may be.

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