How should I fill in a deposit (pay-in) slip for cheque?

How should I fill in a deposit (pay-in) slip for cheque?

 If you’re looking for an answer how to deposit cheque using pay-in slip it’s quite simple.

You need to know what is mentioned in the cheque under pay section. Let me give you an example, considering your name as “Amar Akbar Anthony” and you’ve received a cheque from “XYZ Pvt Ltd” for ₹ABC mentioned as “Amar Akbar Anthony” on Pay section of the cheque.

Now, once you receive the cheque you need to see few details before proceeding:

See if the cheque leaf has been striked on left top corner as ‘A/c payee’.

You can now deposit the cheque provided you fill the bank account details correctly in the name of Amar Akbar Anthony.

A/c payee cheque cannot be encashed and it will be deposited directly to your bank account.

Hand over the pay-in slip across the cash counter and they will stamp the counter slip which can be retained until your cheque get cleared.

Hope this information helps. In any means if you find difficulty filling the pay-in slip, kindly approach any bank employee and they will surely help you.

How To Fill Out a Deposit Slip
  1. Provide Personal Information.
  2. Fill in Additional Details.
  3. List the Cash Amount of Your Deposit.
  4. List Checks Individually.
  5. Add Up the Deposits for a Subtotal.
  6. Enter the Amount of Cash You’d Like To Withdraw.
  7. Calculate the Total Deposit.
  8. Sign the Deposit Slip.

  1. Let us see how to avoid mistakes while writing a cheque-
  2. Write the date upper right-hand corner-
  3. Mention the name of the recipient-
  4. Write the amount-
  5. Write the amount in a word-
  6. Sign the cheque on the specific line printed on cheque-

There are 2 parts of a pay-in slip

the left part is the customer copy and the latter is the bank copy(it is recommended to fill both).

The important slots to fill are-

1.Name of the account holder.

2.Account number.

3.Branch name from where the account is located.

4.Phone number(this becomes useful when there is an issue with the cheque so the bank can call you).

5.Amount of the cheque in words as well as figures.

6.MICR number(this denotes the bank origin of the cheque).

7.Signature of the depositor.

If a cheque deposit slip is wrongly filled out, what happens?

The issues can be visualized this way. (1) The name on the cheque and the deposit slip differs. (2) The amount written on the cheque and the deposit slip differs. In the first case the bank will not collect the cheque as it is not clear to the Bank as to whether the payee of the cheque is a customer of the Bank or not. Banks are expected to collect the cheques for their customers only. In the second case, banks may round off the amount written on the deposit slip and rewrite the correct amount on it and collect the amount of the cheque. Your account will be credited by the amount of the cheque only and not what you have written on the deposit slip.

How do I deposit a cheque into an account without an issue?

Assuming the account is yours, try the following:

Go to the bank.

Complete a deposit ticket.

Approach the teller window.

Once there, sign the back of the check.

Present the deposit ticket and the signed check to the teller.

Review the deposit receipt given by the teller. Place in your pocket.

Walk away

What will happen if I forgot my signature in the deposit slip while dropping a cheque?

It is not big mistake You might have mentioned your name/address and contact mobile number IN case of need, the bank can verify your identity by contacting your mobile number

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