Jammu and Kashmir weather Today, rain/snow showers are expected across Valley

Jammu and Kashmir weather Today -Today, rain/snow showers are expected across Jammu and Kashmir.

Snow Forecast for Plains:
Snowfall is not expected in the plains, at least until evening, with only Shopian having a slight chance (30%) of experiencing snow.

Expect a dip in temperatures during the evening and early morning tomorrow. If moderate rainfall continues, a few plains, especially in south Kashmir, may see light snow. Otherwise, we will have to wait for the season’s first snowfall.

Snow Forecast for Higher Reaches:
Light to moderate snowfall is expected in higher reaches, up to 6 inches. Heavy snowfall, exceeding 10 inches, is expected in a few spots, particularly in the higher reaches of south Kashmir.

Weather Outlook for the next 10 days:
Weather conditions are likely to improve starting tomorrow morning. Although some areas, especially in higher elevations, may experience a spell of snowfall tomorrow.

A weak WD will result in cloudy weather conditions around this weekend.

The week ahead is likely to be dominated by mostly dry weather.

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