Viral Video: After watching this vedio You will Get lesson

 Viral Video: After watching this vedio You will Get lesson

‘Jais Karni Vais Bharni’, she herself was seen lying on the road to bring down the girl walking along, this video gave a special message

Viral Video Today: You must have seen many times that those who are harming someone, they have to face the consequences immediately.  Believe it or not, he becomes very funny again.  A video is going viral on social media, in which a girl sitting behind on a motorcycle was trying to kick another bike rider who was walking with her.  What happened after that was very funny.

 The clip, originally shared on Reddit, shows a woman kicking from the back of her bike at another woman who was biking next to her.  If the woman’s kick had hit another girl, the biker could have lost her balance and could have been hurt but her kick did not hit the other girl.  But the opposite happened with him.

 Within seconds, the girl who kicked her fell herself.  Later on, the man stops and sees that the girl sitting behind him has fallen.

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— PieBuzz (@piebuzzinc) November 8, 2022 

People recording the video from behind also stopped his vehicle when it fell.  The woman may not have suffered much.  She herself was seen rising from the road.  Netizens said that whatever you do, you should fill it.  He went on to harm others and fell himself.


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